Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Let the Goddess bring change

Thanks to Grian at Panthea for this post which is full of common sense. PANTHEA: journeys with the goddess We men do very much need to find freedom from patriarchal institutions too. Patriarchy has been a bad deal for men as well as women. How many men have been drafted into the army, forced into slavery, schooled to hide their emotions, crushed by competitive work ethics or just plain forced into moulds they cannot fit by patriarchal institutions?

Working with and listening to women has been an utter revelation. The discovery of Goddess Religion life changing. The Goddesses are for everyone, women and men alike. I know that a man in a woman's group can change the dynamic and that sometimes it is absolutely right for women to meet alone. But Goddess Temples really do need to be open to all most of the time. I love the Goddess Temple at Glastonbury and thank the Goddesses for the warm welcome given to everyone. We sing, "She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes." Let the Goddess bring change to our world.


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