Sunday, January 20, 2008

And the bird sang

This morning I settled down for some quiet meditative time. Very soon the sound of a single bird singing drifted through the window. My first rather selfish thought was that the quiet had been broken but then the song was strangely beautiful. Soon the song became the focus of my meditation. I have no way of knowing what it must be like to be a bird. Yet the bird's song was entering my heart. 
Then the thought struck me. This bird was being utterly true to itself. It was singing its own song. It was singing with all the grace and beauty, talent and gifts at its disposal. It was proclaiming its life to the world. I am here, alive, in this place, on this morning and it is good, it is very good.
Surely this is what the Goddess asks of us all. That we sing our own song, dance our own dance of life. That we do it with grace and beauty. That we are thankful for our gifts, for our freedom. That we rejoice in the present moment and the present place - not only because they are all we have - but because they are very good.
And so I thanked the bird for all she had shown me and my heart flew.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like this. I have this squirrel who made a huge mess in my shed which took me two days to clean out and plug the holes. It/she/he has come back. However, I find myself not so annoyed anymore. For she/he/it had a cash of hazelnuts which obviously were stolen from my neighbours bush. I found them and one was sprouting. I now have a hazelnut bush and I didn't have to do much for it and I wanted one. This squirrel sits on the fence and looks me in the eye. I think I need to clean the shed every spring instead of leaving it too long. I think we may have an agreement.

Anonymous Yael said...

What a beautiful post!


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