Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blessed Lammas

A very blessed Lammas. Time to pause, take time out for oneself, time to give thanks for the first fruits of the earth. The beginning of a month of warm days and summer vacations. Time too for the Glastonbury Goddess Conference. I just thought I would take time out to post photos. And a blessed Imbolc to all friends in the southern world.

Lammas Goddess

Priestesses on the Temple steps

Conference Welcome Circle

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Blogger Brian Charles said...

Thanks paul - i feel very nostalgic! Have a lovely conference!


Blogger Paul said...

We miss your presence and your powerful dancing at the ball. Maybe we will see you in Budapest one year. Krista invited us for this year's Conference and we hoped to come but my very elderly mother came down with a really bad C. Difficile infection and I really needed to be close to her not a plane trip away across Europe.

Blogger Aquila ka Hecate said...

Thanks Paul - and a very blessed Lughnasadh to you.

Thanks also for the lovely photos.
Terri in Joburg

Blogger Andy said...

Hope you had a great time Paul!


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