Monday, January 29, 2007

Walking the labyrinth

Last Saturday dawned bright and clear in the gentle late January light. Now is a time to look forward expectantly to the beautiful festival of Imbolc, sacred to the Goddess Brighid. High on the Howardian Hills to the north of York there lies a turf labyrinth cut in the traditional seven circuit Caerdroia pattern. I love to go there and walk the labyrinth as a journey with the Goddess, a little act of love. The journey to this remote spot was truly evocative of Imbolc. Snowdrops in full bloom dotted the verges. They look so tiny and vulnerable but they possess such spiritual strength. The first willow katkins were bursting from the branches and the light was truly beautiful. Blessed be the Goddess for the sheer beauty of this season. May we all be touched by Brighid as we welcome Her to our hearth and home.

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