Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Joys and Trials meme

Eirsinitiate from Birch Grove has tagged me for her meme.

"I really want to know what everyone loves about the religions they call their own, and what trials they face in adhereing to those beliefs. I think we might have more in common than we all think.

Here are the rules:

You have to use your own belief system for the meme. No fair using someone else’s to make a joke or satire. Being humorous about your own religion is encouraged!
You have to have at least one joy and one trial. More are encouraged. And no, they don’t have to be equal in length, but please be honest.
You have to tag at least one other person. More are appreciated!
Please post these rules!"

Many thanks, and just to quietly and gently say that I am happier with belief system than religion to describe my affinity to the Goddess Movement.

Joys in no particular order

Accepting that I don't have or need absolute truth - indeed that absolute truth is dangerous and illusory.

Belonging to an open accepting family that is open to all without any pre-conditions.

Touching a more loving, more caring way of living that acknowledges the rhythms of life and the universe.

Touching magic and mystery and wonder in every aspect of life.

Owning my own faith and practice - no professional clergy - oh yes and it is OK to be wild and ecstatic and dance and drum and feel free in my body at rituals.

Having a belief that upholds activism and supports things that really just should be - like justice, peace, equality, delight in the body and sexuality, acceptance and delight in difference, care for the environment ...

I could go on with a much longer list but just read the rest of the blog.

So what of the Trials

Living a six hour journey from the Goddess Temple I love. OK sacred space is everywhere and I am happy to drop into the nearest church and light a candle to a Goddess but there is something very special about a Temple that is not only dedicated to the Goddess but is filled with the beauty so many people have contributed.

Knowing that so much has been forgotten that should have been remembered and may never be fully recovered.

Having to be a little practical when burning candles and incense, which I do - a lot :)

And I now tag the folk over at Medusa Coils


Blogger Silver Serpent said...

Thanks for the tag Paul. I just posted something on this.


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