Thursday, February 01, 2007

Second Annual Brigid in Cyberspace Poetry Reading

Last year, Reya suggested a poetry reading across the blogs, in honour of Brighid. This year the call has gone out again to honour the Goddess of Inspiration. I love this poem : -

Brige in February by Rose Flint

I saw her last week, coming down the sky
with a white following
billowing up in a furl of swansdown
loud as the quickening wind

She flew in over the blue rooftops
over the flatlands and the hills
over etched white horses and towers
over islands couched deep in the violet of snow

Her feet were gold, fire-blinding, striking
sparks from the earth-anvil, flares
and radiance coming off her
flash-fires of light – light storms

Lambs sip milk from the ewes
swan-clans strut the meadows
the snake has come from her hole
tongue flicking at the new
shiver of green in the wind,
the blind opaque squints of the furrows
are opening, transparent as sky

She’ll strip the iron habit of winter out of your bones
lick the glow of gold in a flush through your skin –
open your mouth to her kiss
she’ll inspire you,
her spark in your heart
the beginning of healing
the ancient beginning of new life’s song.

Imbolc blessings

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Blogger deborah oak said...

gorgeous!! not only am a getting to read lots of poetry, but finding new and fabulous pagan sites like yours. loving the connections, the web that is being spun!

Blogger Paul said...

Deborah, Thank you for your kind comments, Brighid really surpassed herself with inspiration in the poetry. May the web never be broken.


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