Monday, October 04, 2010

Goddess Temple Budapest

Thankfully there are now a number of Goddess Temples across Europe, the Americas and Australia. After a very busy few months it was a joy to visit the city of Budapest, meet wonderful friends and visit the Goddess Temple in the heart of Pest. The Temple is spacious, beautiful and filled with Her presence. The seed sown at the Temple's opening in Autumn 2006 had clearly taken root and grown strong. A peaceful sacred space where it is easy to be touched by Her love. The Mother Goddess image from the one-time Hungarian region of Transylvania is especially evocative.

In August I visited the exhibition of Goddess's from Old Europe at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Many of those images were lovingly crafted in the Danube valley five and a half thousand years ago. Such archetypes never go away and now once again the Danube has a Temple.



Anonymous Cari Ferraro said...

So nice to see you blogging again, Paul. And nice to think of a Goddess Temple in the Danube region. I wrote an article about those beautiful artifacts this summer, but was unaware of the exhibit at Oxford. I've since found some images from the exhibition online so thank you for mentioning this!

Anonymous Cari Ferraro said...

dear Paul, Would you mind updating your link to my blog to my new site:
That would be lovely. I've abandoned Blogger and moved to WordPress in a full website, but the blog (called Journal now) will still update with new posts. Thanks, and hope you are well and recovered and warm there in England!

Blogger Paul said...

Hi Cari

I have linked to your new journal.




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