Monday, October 26, 2009


It seems a long time since I managed to post here. Lots of work is one reason, family another. Both are good. I really enjoy my work and get tremendous satisfaction from it. The family things are what life is all about. My son's wedding and seeing him and his partner off on a four month tour of Asia. Our first grandchild is now 6 months old and our daughter has been moving to a bigger house.

She is an absolute delight. The morning after our son's wedding all the guests came down to breakfast in the hotel and she was passed around them all. She smiled and communicated with everyone, treated everyone the same, took everything in, gave a great deal of pleasure. She takes delight in everything and is endlessly fascinated by the world around her. Surely just how we should all be in an ideal world.

It was lovely to be there when she discovered her own toes. The sheer look of wonder on her face. How could she be the proud owner of such beautiful things? But, there again the universe has spent 14 billion years preparing a place for her and 3 billion years perfecting toes. That is a good reason to be delighted.


Blogger S. Nichole said...

Congratulations on your son's marriage and the birth of your granddaughter!


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