Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hidden Temple of the Goddess

On Monday my daughter and granddaughter took us to Greenlands Farm near Carnforth in north west Lancashire so that Eleanor (22 months) could get some first hand experience of the farm animals and pets. Like many small farms they have diversified to help make ends meet and apart from the animals there is a delightful cafe and a "village" of small shops. We also discovered the studio of a local sculptor and ceramic artist, Wyn Abbot. It was immediately obvious that Wyn has a living interest in ancient Goddess cultures and her little studio is something of a treasure of Goddess art.

I was very taken with this "Hidden Temple of the Goddess" and after a little plotting with my daughter about my upcoming birthday it was purchased and now has pride of place at home. The photo cannot quite show just what an obvious work of love this piece is. It certainly passed from heart to heart.

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Blogger Hecate said...

How lovely!

Blogger Carisa said...

That is really neat. Are the creatures holding up the table lions?

Anonymous Wyn said...

I have just come across this site and really happy you like my work. I have an exhibition Spirit of the Earth at Hornby Castle in Hornby Lancashire Sat 28th May - Mon 30th May 2011. You can see my latest Goddess works.

Blogger Paul said...

Thanks Wyn, yes I hope to visit your exhibition at Hornby Castle on the 29th or 30th of May :)

Blogger Wyn said...

That's great Paul if you give me your address I'll send you some free tickets you can email me on look forward to seeing you - I will not be there for part of the Sunday but will be all day Sat and Monday - look forward to seeing you Wyn :)

Anonymous sewa mobil said...

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Anonymous Lisa@Panthea said...

Gorgeous altars Paul. I love the Goddess figures. So glad you're still blogging after all these years. :D


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