Monday, February 26, 2007

Divine Diversity

The news that a previously unexplored part of the Antarctic sea floor has led to the discovery of new species set me thinking about a topic that has vexed me for some time. Evolution produces an amazing degree of diversity. Think of the little beauty pictured above as just one example of this incredible diversity. It has evolved to have no red blood cells so that it can live in extreme Antarctic cold

Thing is if you believe in Divinities and your "Scripture" is what you see, hear, taste and feel in the world in which we evolved then you sure have to believe that the Divinities are utterly head-over-heels in love with diversity.

The tragedy is that human activity is destroying natural diversity much faster than new species are discovered. Sadly religion has and is playing a big part in setting a milieu in which this is possible. The cry of one god, one faith, one belief has gone out for over three millennia and now much of the world believes it. Global faith, global economy, global uniformity. Since the cry of one god, one faith began just how many belief systems, languages, dialects, cultures, ways of life have we lost? How much wisdom has been swept aside? How many people have been killed or imprisoned in order to impose uniformity? If we do not value and support diversity in human culture how can we begin to value and support it in the world around us.

If the Divinities are utterly head-over-heels in love with diversity then they are going to reveal Themselves in so many diverse forms and be known by so many names. How beautiful and evocative that is. But more than that Pantheasm has to lead us to actively embrace and sustain diversity in our lives and in our world.

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Blogger deborah oak said...

A truly beautiful post. I'm going to be mindful today of the diversity all around me. Thank you. And I didn't know before about the new species. What a planet this is!!!!


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