Sunday, September 28, 2008

The light of the hidden world

The last two mornings I have awoken to see early morning mist veiling the land. As the sun declines in the sky and the summer heat dissipates it is as if the earth becomes coy and shy. She cloaks herself in mystery and becomes all the more beautiful. In response the trees put on a glorious display - before they are revealed in all their winter beauty before the darkening sky.

Is it just me or is the light of the hidden world brightening earlier than usual? Maybe it is because I am getting older, or that we are now under a new moon, or maybe it is true. Every evening this week I have been welcomed home from work by a lone crow on the drive who has eyed me with intelligent curiosity before flying onto the garage roof, her eyes following me as I enter the house; utter magic. 

As people regret the passing of summer it is good to rejoice in the turning of the year. To look forward to Samhain, to the thinning of the veil. As winter approaches and the robins and wrens busy themselves in the garden I look forward to a time of candles, open fires and story telling by the hearth. But above all a time to enter the silence of the dark and be touched by the beautiful light of the hidden world.

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Blogger Hope said...

I agree completely that we should look forward to and rejoice in the the turn towards the cooler side of the year. It is a beautiful time and we can be grateful for the blessings each season brings.

Blogger Paul said...

Hi Hope,

Thanks for dropping by. May Goddess grant you song, story and cheer through the Winter dim.

Blogger Andy said...

A very beautiful picture, Paul. I've posted something similar on my blog, a view from Glastonbury Tor in the fog.

I agree about this time of year. Part of me mourns the loss of summer, but another part of me longs for Samhain and the wonder and blessings this time of year brings. It's such a magical time. I think as we dissolve into the energy of the seasons, as we grow more attuned to their energy shifts and power, so we appreciate and reflect the joy and wonder of being.

Blogger Inanna said...

I've seen several witches comment that they feel the veil is thinning earlier this year. (This was a few weeks ago, since now that we're past Mabon, we're really in the season.) I think that's a significant observation, even though I don't know yet what it means.

Blessings in this beautiful time.

Blogger Brian Charles said...

No Paul, I do not think it is just you. I feel that there is something important happening at the moment - although I am not sure what it is. For me, it is a time to deepen my commitment to Inanna and learn more fully to trust Her. Others, of course, will articulate it differently.

The effect, however, will be the same. Goddess is returning.

Blogger Paul said...

Thanks to everyone for their blessings and affirmations.

Brian,may your trust in Inanna grow each day.


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