Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Glastonbury in January

For the first time ever I drove to Glastonbury in January. One of those crazy things I occasionally find myself doing. Five hours down the motorways with the temperature hovering between -4ºC and -2ºC. An overnight stay in a motel and five hours back. Now I must confess that I hate driving on our overcrowded motorways so I have to have a really good reason for such madness. This was an invitation from the Goddess Temple to a supporters' day and an opportunity to visit the recently purchased Goddess Hall. 

I arrived in Glastonbury in ample time to spend a while in quiet meditation in the Temple. It is such a beautiful space filled with love and abundant atmosphere. A place where prayer and meditation come naturally. A place to light a candle for my daughter with a prayer that her unborn daughter may arrive safely and grow in love, wisdom, creativity and magic. I then walked up to another favourite place, Chalice Well Gardens, arriving late in the afternoon with the setting sun low in the sky. I have never seen the Gardens in the light of a January sunset. They looked utterly magical bathed in a golden red. As I sat taking in the sheer beauty of it all a robin flew down and landed just in front of me. I noticed a plate of seeds had been set ready on the ground by my side and wondered whether to gently get up and move away so that the robin could feed. However, it looked me in the eye for a moment and then came right up to feed.

The following day was spent in the new Goddess Hall which now provides much needed space for ceremonies and functions. Over the last few months a very great deal of work, love and sheer artistry has been put in to make it a place of beauty and honour for the Goddess. I am sure it will be a place of blessing. I certainly came away feeling abundantly blessed and glad to have been able to renew fond acquaintances.

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Blogger Aquila ka Hecate said...

And Robin didn't mind you taking a photo?

Media crazy little bird!

It's all beautiful.

Terri in Joburg

Blogger Paul said...

Aquila, no it didn't seem to mind at all and I only had a 3x zoom pocket camera on me so I had to get really close.

As you say, "It's all beautiful".


Blogger Sue - The Purple Pixie said...

Oh Paul...I'm off to glastonbury for Spring Equinox and can't wait! If I could drive, I would get in my car and do silly things like that. Theres always a reason for these spur of the moment things.
Never been in the garden at sunset, perhaps I'll give it a go. And I must be a tad further up north than you, it's about 6 hours from here, but there again thats with

Love, love, love the place!
Brightest blessings,
Sue xxx
NORTH Yorkshire

Blogger Paul said...

Oh Glastonbury at the Spring Equinox, a delight. I well remember a special Spring Equinox staying at the Chalice Well for a 3 day sacred dance event and making a sun mandala by the sacred pool in honour of a surprise Spring heatwave.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Love your calligraphy and art on your website, fairy doors - brilliant :)


Blogger Leon Basin said...

Great post! I love this.

Blogger Andy said...

Hi Paul

The Robin at Chalice Well is an amazing little bird! I was sat at the Wellhead a few days ago, and Robin just flew down and sat next to me! I was amazed! It really was a wonderful moment. Excellent pictures - thank you!

Blogger Sue - The Purple Pixie said...

Hey Paul,
6 weeks to Glastonbury and counting!!!!!
Any suggestions for cheap B and B's for me and a friend?

Brightest Imbolc Blessings,
Sue xxx

Blogger Paul said...

Thanks Leon and good to see you back Andy.

Sue, I have e-mailed you about accommodation in Glastonbury as I didn't want to post telephone numbers here.

Blogger Jan said...

Followed threads which led me here. My what a find! Thank you for posting the photos--the altar is amazing. I love the imagery displayed there. What a wonderful resource you have to visit and commune with the Sacred. I'm bookmarking your site. I'll return. Believe, breathe, and be well...

Blogger Paul said...

Oh, many thanks Jan :)


Blogger Sia said...

Thank you for sharing this. I've always wanted to go there.

Great photos, too.


Blogger Haley @ Iridescent Dark said...

I've nominated you for an award =D

Go check it out!

Haley x


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