Sunday, March 22, 2009

You never know

All life is a risk and sometimes little surprises pull us up short. Thursday I crossed the road caught my foot in a pothole and fell heavily against the kerb. The fall was hard enough to break the top of my left femur. Within seconds women came across to check I was alright. When they realised I wasn't they held me, called for an ambulance and patiently waited for it to arrive. Goddess knows there are always caring people who will put themselves out to do the right thing.

The next morning I was in the operating theatre having a plate and screws inserted under a spinal block. Science is wonderful to provide a pain free operation whilst wide awake! Goddess thinks very highly of science and skilled anaesthetists and surgeons. She also delights in health care systems that provide first class care absolutely free at the point of demand :) This is Goddess thinking at its very best - no one asking for a credit card before surgery!

And it does not stop there. Since the op everyone has shown such care. Nurses, caterers, the cleaners, and the lovely physios who patiently showed me how to use crutches and manage stairs. Practically all these wonderful people are women. Probably none of them have heard of the Goddess Movement but all are truly following her ways.

I am writing this on my iPhone sat on the orthopaedic ward. Another wonderful reason for science! It weaves webs of communication worthy of the webs woven at the close of Goddess Conference. And thinking of webs thanks to all those special people who have woven a tangible web of healing and prayer. Such is the fabric of the mantle of recovery.

So it is 6 weeks on crutches and another 6 weeks light load bearing. Its a good thing most of my work can be done sitting at the Mac at home. Goddess hinting I should slow a bit and attend to the beautiful bits of the precious gift of life.


Blogger Brian Charles said...

I am so sorry to hear of your accident and yet so pleased that you received such wonderful care. The NHS has many faults - but it is wonderful when compared to other systems - no credit card indeed! That is important. Hope that you are soon fully fit again soon.

Blogger Paul said...

Thanks Brian, much appreciated. Yes the NHS does have its faults - what organisation - doesn't? But free on demand health care is something we should be thankful for :)

Blogger Aquila ka Hecate said...

Get better, heal up, Paul.

Terri in Joburg

Blogger Livia Indica said...

Here's hoping it heals properly and that you'll be back on two good legs soon!

Blogger Paul said...

Thanks everyone - very aware of a web of healing. I am home now but to rest and - of course - use crutches for several weeks.

Blogger Spiral Dancer said...

I just stumbled on your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts, I really hope you are healing well, glad you got such good care.

Blogger Medusa said...

Goddess blessings for speedy and complete healing.

Blogger Cari said...

Paul, I send you healing wishes. It was emotional for me to read your description of Goddess loving modern science, surgeons and anesthesia, as I have been on a long journey to reconcile my "natural" goddess self with my metal parts. I've linked your blog on mine, and want to tell you how much I enjoy your beautiful, poetical writing. Be easy with yourself as your body learns to live its new configuation.

Blogger Paul said...

Thanks Spiral Dancer and Medusa :)

Cari thank you also - I just had a good look at your love it :) I will link to it when I next post.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just wanted to chime in and say "Get well soon!" What a horrible accident, and what wonderful grace and care shown by those around you.


Anonymous Glenys Livingstone said...

glad to discover you via Medusa Coils! I can relate to all this ... my partner and I have been doing doctors and hospitals, surgery and crutches and such. And it has been about slowing us down for sure.

Blogger Andy said...

Hi Paul

I just checked in with your blog, but I can't see that well following surgery of my own. I just want you to know that I wish you a speedy and full recovery. It seems to me that a lot of spiritually aware people are dealing with health issues at the moment . . . I'd love to know why that is!

With blessings, as ever, Andy

Blogger Paul said...

Thanks Kisses, Glenys and Andy.

Recovery is gradual but sure :) All part of the rhythm of life.

<<< Healing thoughts for Glenys and Andy >>>

Blogger Suzi_Spirit Whispers said...

Hello Paul... just wanted to say I love the way you write, i've enjoyed my read through from webs of healing to solstice moments to Bride (hope we dont have to wait til next Imbolc for that next instalment!)to basically everything!
Hope you continue to heal well, blessings.


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