Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cille Bhrighde, South Uist

After a very busy few weeks I am pleased to say that I am writing this near to Cille Bhrighde on the south coast of South Uist looking out to the islands of Eriskay and Barra. The sun is shining in a beautiful blue sky and the oyster catchers are making a wonderful noise as they come in to land. I love these liminal places at the very edge of Bhrighde's Isles. South Uist is almost 600 miles from London, 200 from Glasgow and a 5 hour ferry trip from Oban on the west coast of Scotland. From here there is only the Atlantic Ocean and the fabled land of youth, Tír inna n-Óc.

Liminal places like South Uist are thresholds, gateways, places of real enchantment with worlds within worlds and a different perspective on time. They let the spirit soar and see what is true. They are places that truly belong only to the Goddess, where women and men are only guests with whole areas that are reachable only by a long strenuous walk. Today, the first full day on Uist of the week we will be blessed by the island, my partner and I had a simple ritual and offering to Bhrighde. Thanking Her for allowing us to walk Her land, asking Her blessing and honouring Her presence.

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Blogger Spiral Dancer said...

OH !! you are in a part of the world I love. I went round the Islands in a cargo boat( like Parahandy) when I was 11 and never forgot it...Loved every Island and loved South Uist you are so right about that feeling there and the threshold..We used to go to Skye every summer its where my fathers family are all from so I know so well that feel of magic in the air along withe the smell of honeysuckle and peat. I miss them, I live on the west coast which is lovely but the the islands are special. Have a wonderful time I hope the weather is gentle on you and you have many special moments there.

Blogger Cari said...

Glad you are able to travel now, Paul, and I hope you are all mended from your accident in March. Being in the place you are can only help, yes? Thanks for linking to my blog. I do love reading yours.


Blogger Paul said...

OH, Spiral Dancer how blessed you are to live on the west coast of Scotland. The weather is warm and sunny at the moment, quite a delightful surprise.

Cari, the leg is mending and I can get around quite well with a stick. And yes the whole environment here is wonderfully healing :)


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