Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice Morning

Such a beautiful morning, clear skies, frost, the most amazing sunrise and morning mist clinging to mother earth and the trees. The soft, gentle winter light is such a delight. The Goddess dressed in her finest winter gown on Solstice morn.

Sacred and blessed Mother
You raise the sun in radiant glory
to kiss Your body on Solstice Morn.
Soft, gentle, veiling mist
the promise of Spring passion.
My we, who delight in You,
know true freedom and peace.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Maeshowe Sunset

A beautiful sunset at Maeshowe today and the webcam relay gave this image of the Winter Sunset light against the back wall of the womb space. It is always thrilling when I see this and I now feel ready for the Solstice Celebrations. (The shadow is from an observer's body privileged to actually be there and not just watching on the webcam).

Friday, December 15, 2006

A Flame in the Dark

Every Wednesday at 6 pm a group of us here in Europe light a flame in honour of Brighid. At the moment I am reading, "Confessions of a Pagan Nun" by Kate Horsley and a line struck a deep chord, "The Christians and their tonsured messengers want to separate the souls of the people of this land from the earth they walk on." The news here in the UK has been centred around the murders of five women in Suffolk. Oh, how we have learnt the lesson separating the souls of these women from the ground of their being, even in death, by the use of words - prostitute, sex-worker, "girl", addict.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The Winter Solstice is fast approaching and I have come to love this time of year. The light is so soft and gentle, the trees are magnificent silhouetted against the sky and the fire burns bright in the hearth. It is also a time to slow down and attend to the things of the heart. If I was asked for the one place that had evoked the Goddess most clearly for me I would probably have to reply, Orkney. Those islands off the North East tip of Scotland are not only utterly beautiful but are also a treasure of Neolithic Archaeology.

The World Heritage Site at Stenness includes the Stones of Stenness, The Ring of Brodgar and Maeshowe and all are close to 5,000 years old. Maeshowe is by far the largest chambered cairn among the many in Orkney. Like Newgrange in Ireland its entrance passage is aligned on the Winter Solstice Sun (Sunrise for Newgrange and Sunset for Maeshowe). This means that for a few days each year the rays of the setting sun can shine down the passage into the womb space within. For this to happen a cloudless horizon is needed.

Unfortunately December on Orkney is often dull and wet. During December a webcam transmits images from Maeshowe and it is as well to check every day around 1445 GMT to see if the sky is clear and the chamber illuminated. The effect is quite magical.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rhythm is the Cure

My parter and I are excited because Alessandra Belloni will be in Glastonbury next May to conduct her 3-day workshop, Rhythm is the Cure after her rapturous performance at this year's Goddess Conference. Alessandra is a singer, dancer and drummer with a total mastery of Southern Italian Dance, the Tarantella and the Spinning Dance. The Tarantella originated as a healing trance dance to cure women suffering depression brought on by the constraints of patriarchy. The drumming and the wild erotic dance are totally liberating and just wonderful to behold.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Welcome to Evoking the Goddess. It is almost 10 years since I first became aware of Her. Since then I have been on a voyage of discovery that has taken me from Orkney across Europe to Crete and deep into memory. I have found a new connection with the land of my birth and sacred dance and I am grateful to the many wonderful women who have taught me so much.