Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Woman Shaman

I have been looking forward to meeting Max Dashu ever since I knew that she was making her first visit to the UK to attend the Goddess Conference. Today fifteen of us had the privilege of meeting with her for a workshop on Woman Shaman. She definitely lived up to the expectation with her scholarship and sheer depth of knowledge about women as drummers, dreamers, oracles, healers, ecstatic dancers, shapeshifters and spirit-riders across the continents and the generations. A fascinating slide presentation was followed by the opportunity to engage in ecstatic dance, to cast off all that holds us back and to receive healing. To learn more take a look at her website The Suppressed Histories

Today has been a special day, meeting Max Dashu, the Lammas Ceremony at the Goddess Temple, a flame day as a flamekeeper of Brighid and now the moon is rising just past its fullness but utterly beautiful in the night sky. Tomorrow the Goddess Conference itself opens.

A blessed Lammas to all.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Quality Time

It seems a while since I last posted. July was a very busy month and also very wet! But now the sun is shining, the forecast is set fair for the week and I am in Glastonbury for the Goddess Conference. Quality time to catch up with good friends, climb the Tor, relax in the Chalice Well Gardens and enjoy the Conference. The Conference itself begins on Wednesday but before that I am looking forward to some of the Fringe events. Singing the Bones with Danu Fox, a celebration of the ancestors and a day with Max Dashu on Tuesday.

More posts as the week progresses.

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