Monday, March 05, 2007

How many times have you danced about the moon?

It was my birthday last Friday and I was delighted to be given a copy of Merlin Stone's book, Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood. Apart from reading it from cover to cover I know this is going to be a book I shall be dipping into a lot.

At the full moon I found myself reading a poem to Huitaca, the Moon Goddess of the Chibcha people in Colombia. Merlin Stone describes it as, "wonderfully rebellious." and that is what I love about it. It speaks against all those who would take the joy out of life and ban innocent pleasure. It describes Huitaca's defense against all those who would ban music, dance, wine and the pleasures of human touch. It rebels against all those who think that gross national product is more important than individual happiness. It stands against all who put law before love and all who would destroy another's joy for their own gain. When we rejoin the ancestors it will not be our wealth or status we take with us but the music, joy and love that is in our heart. Some people believe we will ultimately be questioned and judged. I guess that if we are questioned about anything the Goddess will ask, "How many times have you danced about the moon?"

Wonderful Huitaca,
wild and lovely Goddess,
appearing in the night,
some say as an owl,
some say as the silver moon,
leading us into merriment,
encouraging us to drink
the juices of intoxication,
encouraging us to feel the wonder
of the touch of our bodies against another,
until the time Bochica spoke against you,
saying that life must be completely serious
and that the joys you offered
must be seen as wrongs.

This joyless Bochica,
walked throughout the countryside,
preaching that the good drinks were bad
and pleasure from our bodies even worse,
crying out that to follow your ways
was a great mistake.

But just as the people of the villages
began to consider his ideas,
you appeared, laughing and happy,
teasing the unsmiling one
so that his anger rose
but all who watched and listened
soon laughed along with you,
calling you Chie and Jubchas Guaya,
Mother of joy -
and though Bochica frowned and glowered -
we dance about the moon
and called your name.

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