Friday, March 09, 2007

Thank you

As a man I hesitated to post on International Women's Day but today I would very much like to take this opportunity to thank the many women who have touched my life and been such an inspiration. So I ask the Goddess to pour her abundant blessings upon the following wonderful women I am privileged to know.

My life partner of 35 years, a beautiful sacred dance teacher and weaver of magic. Our daughter who finds mystery, magic, beauty and wonder in words. All those who work tirelessly for peace and who stand against the tide of war, Trident and Menwith Hill. Amazing women who care for the terminally ill and heal the deep wounds of patriarchal religion. All the women whose sacred dance in circles and spirals honours the Goddess, Her cycle of seasons and brings wholeness and healing. The beautiful, talented women who gather for the Glastonbury Goddess Conference. All those who had the vision to found the Goddess Temple. The Priestesses of Bride.

A hundred thousand blessings upon all those women who opened my eyes, mind and heart to the Goddess and showed me a path of utter beauty. Blessings upon all those who taught me the healing power of touch and all those who have held me and hugged me during difficult times. You bring beauty, colour, inspiration and so many talents and gifts and life would be so dull without you all, blessed be.


Blogger Sue said...

You beautiful man! Us women are lucky to have men who appreciate them....and in return we appreciate you.
I love your Blog Paul, stumbled upon it by accident, I must add a Pagan Link to mine...perhaps I'll just put you in my 'friends' link box? Would that be ok? You can sit side by side with my partner Tony?
Bright Blessings

Blogger Paul said...

Hi Sue and thanks for the lovely comment (blush). Thirsk is lovely :)


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